Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction

Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction

Eagle Square is Langkawi’s generally unmistakable point of interest for guests landing via ocean. Eagle Square pekan kuah Langkawi

Arranged close to the Kuah wharf, the fundamental fascination of the square is the sublime statue of the ruddy tan falcon magnificently balanced for flight. Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction, As per nearby legends, Langkawi inferred its name from-the falcon or “helang”. In old Malay, “kawi” indicates ruddy tan -henceforth, Langkawi implies rosy tan bird!

The square is flawlessly finished and characteristics picturesque lakes, spans, secured terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of blocks. Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction, Its close vicinity to the ocean and the delicate breezes make it a perfect spot for relaxed strolls and a serene setting for eating in the cool nights.

The square is flawlessly enlightened during the evening and presents a tragic scene as you approach the island via ocean. Without a doubt, the magnificent bird is deliberately positioned to welcome guests to Langkawi.

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