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Tawaran Hebat Di Langkawi

Tawaran Hebat Di Langkawi

Tawaran Hebat Cuti Sekolah!!! Discount untuk penginapan 3 hari keatas di Homestay Eylizar untuk (Teratak 1)

Sila Buat tempahan segera….call/email/sms

017-4256796  LIZA

email :langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

Rumah berdekatan pekan Kuah..Senang untuk membeli belah.
good community area….

Nantikan Homestay baru yang akan beroperasi mulai isnin ini 26/11/2012….jenis rumah yang sama
(Teratak 2)..we will upload a photo a.s.a.p.

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Kilim Mangrove Tour Best

Kilim Mangrove Tour Best

kilim mangrove tour best in langkawi

 Welcome to Langkawi Kilim Mangrove Tour …
There are several mangrove tour destinations in Langkawi. One of the most popular is the Sungai Kilim Mangrove with its purpose-built jetty, foodstalls, convenient wooden walkways and a host of wildlife attractions to keep you gawking as much as the eagles are doing likewise to you. Come to joint us to explore Langkawi Geoforest Park – Langkawi Kilim Mangrove Tour

Here you can admire the natural beauty of the overhanging “Bogak Tree”, Tree Crabs, Iguanas and Macaques as well as enjoy the scenic and spectacular views of unique limestone rock formations emerging from the floor and of the mangrove swamps and the sea. These fascinating geological wonders have been variously dubbed as the Temple of Borobodur, the Elephant Stone and the Hanging Gardens. Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) and Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave) are accessible via Sungai Kilim

Kilim River is also a great place for some bird watching during the
migratory seasons in September and March.

You would picked up from your hotel and taken to the Sungai Kilim mangrove reserve where you would board a boat. These brackish mangroves protect the coastline from erosion and provide a suitable nursery for the teeming marine life within the Kilim estuary. Go for a closer look at the protruding adventitious roots of the Soneratia sp. and Rhizophora sp., two most commonly found mangrove species, and to view the shrimp and fish larvae scurrying in and out through the labyrinth of mangrove roots, seeking food as well as protection from predators.

Eagle Feeding

………..Watch Brahminy Kite Eagle and White Belly Sea Eagle in action trying to outwit each other during the “Eagle Feeding” . Eagle-Feeding is one of the must-do things in Langkawi. It will be your best magical moment, ever! Where else on earth that you can cast your magic and summon the wild eagles to you?

Pernahkah anda dikelilingi lebih kurang 50 ekor burung helang pelbagai jenis turun kebawah dan menyambar perut ayam yang diberi ….pengalaman yang tak dapat digambarkan…nikmati sendiri cara bagaimana pemandu bot memanggil burung-burung helang tersebut….

It really amazing! that memory you can forgot.

Sounded a little bit creepy isn’t it? Don’t worry – it got nothing to do with magic of any sort, whether black or white. It’s all started with a boat-trip to the Kilim mangrove area at the northeast tip of Langkawi.This is the main highlight of the tour. See the eagles in action as they try to outwit each other during the feeding process.

Pengalaman indah untuk anda..pastikan camera anda berada disisi untuk gambar-gambar menarik.

Bat Cave

………Named after its inhabitants, the Malaysian fruit bats, this cave is located along the Kilim River. Accessible only by boat, you can then walk along a wooden platform through a mangrove swamp, leading directly to the cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are of gigantic proportions, forming weird figures reminiscent of other worldly creatures. Directly opposite the exit is a huge greenish limestone structure that resembles the portrait of an ancient family complete with a pet dog (or young deer), which prompts one to name the cave Gua Keluarga (Family Cave) more appropriately. The wooden walkway leads right through the cave and emerges at  other side, round the base of the limes

Gua Kelawar juga terdapat dalam trip yang dilakukan oleh boatman di Kilim Mangrove trip.

The Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave) is also located here. You can take the wooden walkway for a 10 minutes walk before reaching the cave entrance. Gua Kelawar comprises two cave systems – the smaller western chamber that extends northeast by southwest, has a floor area of approximately 270 square metres and low roof of between one to three metres head clearance. On the walls and roof of the cave you can see embedded very old seashells. This provides proof that the area was originally the sandy bottom of an ancient river that has been shoved upwards by powerful tectonic force millions of years ago. Another reason is that the sea level about 5,000 years ago was two metres higher than today.


GUA BUAYA ( Crocodile Cave )

The name of this cave may either entice or scare off visitors, depending on their attitude to the crocodiles that still exist in the area, although not in so large a number as in the old days. This cave is unique because the Kilim River actually flows right through it, and is navigable by a small boat at low tide. Inside the cave there is an ascending chamber flanked by walls of white limestone with minimal stalactites and stalagmites. Small colonies of bats roost on the lower ceiling. As part of a tour package, a boat journey culminating in a visit to the cave will provide excitement and adventure.

Gua Buaya nama diberi agak menggerunkan bila kita mendengarnya   tetapi tiada lagi buaya disini..cuma namanya saja yang tinggal.Kita boleh melalui gua ini apabila air surut dan laluan ini boleh membawa kita ke Tanjung Rhu.

Fish Farm

This narrow gap provides a sheltered area for a thriving fish farm and mooring for yachts. The fish farm provides an insight into Langkawi’s rich aquatic life. The farm adopts a very hands-on approach. You can have a closer looked of different kind of marine life such as Moray Eels, Horse Shoe Crabs, Mantis Prawns, Sting Rays, Trevallys, Sea Bass and Ornamental Fishes. Fish feeding is one of the activities at the fish-breeding farm. You’d be shown how to feed a sting ray by hand.

Visitors can choose their own lunch or dinner directly from the 50-odd cages and have it cooked the way they like at the floating restaurant. With an extensive menu, here they try to accommodate to their customers tastes as their chefs can cook seafood in a wide variety of ways.

You can touch the huge Stingray…Amazing!!

If you and you family interested to go please call me to make booking

2hr Trip for RM 300 =Max 8 persons

Please call 017-4256796  –  Puan Liza

Please make booking at least 2 hr before actual Time for this trip


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