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Tips Trip To Langkawi Island

Fly with air asia to Langkawi Island Malaysia

Ferry terminal in langkawi Malaysia

This is Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

You have to plan your trip to Langkawi Island either by Air or by the Sea and you should book your accommodation earlier.The accommodation that you can find n Langkawi Island is like 5 star hotel to no star hotels.The accommodation such as Resort,city hotels, motels,rest house,chalet,homestay,homestay apartment and small rooms.There is only 2 way to come here. If you come by Air you should booking in advance and you will arrive at Langkawi International Airport. Langkawi International Airport is located at Padang Matsirat. The another way to arrive here is from the Ferry Jetty. Ferry Jetty is located at Pekan Kuah which is the main area for the Langkawi Island, all the administration such as CIMB,Maybank,public bank,Affin Bank and etc.

Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

The best part you are here is go around the whole Island. Please get the Rental Car from many company here but make sure that you are rental car from the registered company. The way I say that is if the bad thing happen it very difficult in Claiming the Insurance. So be clear on that! Many rental car company at Langkawi either you can get from Airport or at the Jetty. So please decide which car do you preffer to rent. Many car as low than RM50 per24hrs and hingest to RM500 for 24hrs. All car in Langkawi especially from my company is nearly 3 years old.  So please do call me for any kind of car that you like to rent.

3-Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

After you get the rental car the best thing to do is go the best location in the island by your self. Here we have more than 25 best location to explore. Langkawi have sorrounded by the sea and of course the best area is beach. They is some best beach to go while you are here:

  • Pantai Cenang Beach
  • Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach
  • Pantai Teluk Datai
  • Pantai Pasir Hitam
  • Pantai Tanjung Rhu
  • Pantai Tengah Cenang Area
  • Pantai Teluk Yu

Langkawi Island have a small island near by and to go to some island nearby you should join for this trip:

Thing that you should do in Langkawi

  • Island Hopping Tour– Discover 3 islands ( Pragnent Maiden Island,Wet rice Island and Big Lion Island). This trip will take 4hrs by a speedboat and it included fish feeding session and eagle feeding)
  • RM35 perperson /sharing boat package-10person by one boat.
  • RM 300 perboat-private boat max: 10paxs.
  • If you are in big group we offer you a big boat which is can fit to max : 20 paxs the price is RM500 only.
  • Mangrove Tour at Kilim mangrove river- discover and see the geopark area, bat cave, crocodile cave, eagle feeding,fish farm. This trip will journey inside the mangrove river. RM 260 perboat take you 2hr trip.(no sharing boat for this package)
  • Mangrove River Cruise at the same place only the place do discover is different because this trip will cover you about 6hrs and it will include the packet lunch. Price is RM 100 perperson and there is no private boat for this trip.

4-Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

So if you have any inquiry regarding the package -island hopping/mangrove tour/ rental car and accommodations Please call/sms us:

017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Tempah Eylizar Homestay Di Langkawi

Tempah Eylizar Homestay Di Langkawi

Tempah Eylizar Homestay Di Langkawi Sempena Cuti Sekolah

Teratak 8 ini adalah salah satu Teratak yang baru saja beroperasi di bawah kelolaan Eylizar Homestay iaitu di Kampung Kuah Langkawi.

Rasailah suasana kampung dan lokasinya yang terletak hanya 500 meter dari Pekan Kuah dan juga berdekatan denganIdaman Suri Langkawi (Tempat Shopping di Langkawi) . Lokasi homestay ini berada di  Kampung Kuah dan amat dekat dengan Pekan Kuah dan memudahkan anda untuk berulang-alik serta mencari tempat-tempat makan best dan shopping .Berikut kami lampirkan beberapa photo untuk tatapan anda semua. Teratak ini kepunyaan Puan. Saliza dan En. Basri dan sememangnya mereka ini adalah mesra dan mudah berurusan.

Sila call/sms untuk tempahan :

017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Langkawi Island in the spotlight

Langkawi Island in the spotlight

The RM500mil exclusive resort, to be known as The Sultan’s Palace, will be built over 9ha on Pulau Intan Besar which is a 1.6km boat ride southwest from the main Langkawi island. It will, among others, have 100 luxury suites and 17 high-end villas

Langkawi Island in the spotlight 

Arranged Just where the Indian Ocean contracts down into the Straits of Melaka,it was before a paradise for privateers.

Settled againts a tragic background of mountains are aged lakes and forests,waterfalls and beaches,all of which upgrade the consider that is Langkawi.blessed with blamy atmosphere that guarantees warm temperatures all through the year,it invites guests looking for getaway from normal life.

Langkawi Island in the spotlight , At flat tide,the Islands can number the same number as 104. Asylum of a portion of the most old rainforest in the world,they are overflowing with the outlandish vegetation.

The biggest island of Langkawi itself,measuring in the ballpark of 478.5 sq km,is the stand out with genuine settelment. Just about as vast as the island of Singapore, it is still quite a lot undeveloped. Clad with wildernesses in the inside, it is bordered by exquisite shores scattered along its coast. The island is still quite a lot a provincial scene with villages and padi fields.

A large portion of the advancement is in the fundamental town of Kuah nad in confined vacation spot resorts around the coast. The landing strip is found on this island also inn resorts, restaurants and shops.

Flawlessly unspoilt, Langkawi’s rough wonderfulness and nearby legends offer an overpowering blending of social and regular attractions.

It’s a perfect place to identify the incredible outside.  Langkawi Island in the spotlight ,Play golf, make a go at snorkelling, visit the marine park, sanction a pontoon or take a link auto to the highest point of the mountain..

Precisely advanced by the Malaysian government, extensive trusts have been used improving fantastic streets, cutting edge shopping centres, new marinas and stunning resort inns. Langkawi’s Duty Free status has likewise made some astounding shopping chances!

Langkawi additionally has various universal occasions incorporating the Tour de Langkawi, a twelve-month cycling rivalry beginning in Langkawi and closure in Kuala Lumpur; The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Show (Lima) and the yearly Royal Langkawi Regatta which draws watercrafts from everywhere planet.

The western sunny shores of Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah and Pantai Kok -are the most in vogue vacation spots on Langkawi,with wide decision of convenience, restaurants and eateries. Datai and Burau sound encompassed by dazing tropical rainforest furnish the area for extravagance resorts and a standout amongst the most staggering greens Asia

If its an untainted special first night or family occasion, Langkawi offers some exceptional sights and encounters…

please get chipper accommodations in Langkawi such us Apartments and homestay:

call us for further details:

017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction

Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction

Eagle Square is Langkawi’s generally unmistakable point of interest for guests landing via ocean. Eagle Square pekan kuah Langkawi

Arranged close to the Kuah wharf, the fundamental fascination of the square is the sublime statue of the ruddy tan falcon magnificently balanced for flight. Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction, As per nearby legends, Langkawi inferred its name from-the falcon or “helang”. In old Malay, “kawi” indicates ruddy tan -henceforth, Langkawi implies rosy tan bird!

The square is flawlessly finished and characteristics picturesque lakes, spans, secured terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of blocks. Eagle Square Langkawi Tourist Attraction, Its close vicinity to the ocean and the delicate breezes make it a perfect spot for relaxed strolls and a serene setting for eating in the cool nights.

The square is flawlessly enlightened during the evening and presents a tragic scene as you approach the island via ocean. Without a doubt, the magnificent bird is deliberately positioned to welcome guests to Langkawi.

contact us : 017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Langkawi Island Best Destination

Langkawi Island Best Destination

Langkawi Cable Car Because of Langkawi’s cultural richness, it isn’t hard to plan your day exploring the island. On the other hand, you could try some of the best food on the planet or engage in some recreational sailing or horse-riding. It’s certain you won’t get bored during your holiday in …

The biggest of these islands is called Langkawi Island and is greater than the Penang Island.the different islands in this assembly are Island of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Lion Island (Pulau Singa Besar) and Beras Basah Island.the littlest of these islands are atolls harshly the span of a common house! Langkawi is authored from the Malay expressions Lang and Kawi. Lang is a tan bird and Kawi is a nearby manganese stone.the aged anglers must have seen falcons flying gripping the manganese stones! A monster landmark of a tan bird gripping the manganese stone welcomes all guests to Langkawi close to the Kuah Jetty. The primary vacation destinations of Langkawi Island is its virgin white sandy beaches.the vacation spots have extremely delicate mainland incline and the water is perfectly clear. This island is special as in it has such a variety of legendsand myths connected with it.langkawi Island is subsequently additionally called Pulau Lagenda or Legendary Island.

The most discussed legend is that of Mahsuri who is said to have laid a condemnation on this island for seven generations.luckily the time of this condemnation is over now and Langkawi Island is quick turning into a globally recognised visitor end. The administration of Malaysia has proclaimed the whole Langkawi Island as an obligation free zone. Thus this island is likewise termed Duty Free Island.all merchandise sold in this island are exempted from government tax.therefore this Legendary Island is a sanctuary for the shoppers.you just need to stay in Langkawi for at least 48 hours to take back home a sensible measure of expense free products. Call us for chipper and worth accommodation such us homestay, apartment, motel, chalet around Langkawi Island. 017-4256796  LIZA email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Pakej Homestay Di Langkawi Bersama Eylizar

langkawi homestays

Pakej Homestay Di Langkawi Bersama Eylizar

Eylizar Homestay is the Best Homestay In Langkawi Malaysia also Famous Homestay Company in Langkawi Island Malaysia. We are providing best Accommodation such as Homestay, Cheaper Motel, Rest House, guest house and Apartment near to Pekan Kuah Langkawi. We have many activiti that you can do in Langkawi island that you you can join. The best part for this activities is Island Hopping because it take will take for 4 hrs  discover the 3 island around Langkawi with a speed boat.

We also providing Car Rental and arrange other package such as:

  • Langkawi Island Hopping (by Boat) 4hrs trip
  • Langkawi Mangrove Tour (by Boat – Geopark) 2hrs trip
  • ATV Sport
  • Lunch,dinner at Floating Restaurant. (fresh fish)
  • Group package with bus and accommodations.
  • Marine Park (Payar Island)
  • Fishing Trip
  • We have more than 10 unit homestay ideal for big group.
  • Can provide breackfast,lunch, dinner for group more than 30 paxs.

Booking with us to get cheaper and worth for you holiday package.

Pakej Homestay Di Langkawi Bersama Eylizar

If you need any information about Langkawi Island please email /call-sms us:

017-4256796  LIZA


we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tempah Kereta Sewa Di Langkawi Harga Berbaloi

kereta sewa langkawi murah

Tempah Kereta Sewa Di Langkawi Harga Berbaloi

Tempah KERETA SEWA LANGKAWI -CALL/SMS SEGERA -017-4256796 LIZA Buat tempahan segera email kepada kami : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

Tempah Kereta Sewa Di Langkawi Harga Berbaloi

 Di langkawi juga banyak ditawarkan pakej2 kereta sewa daripada berbagai syarikat. Pihak kami juga membekalkan kenderaan kepada para pelancong yang ke Langkawi. Kereta sewa langkawi atau Langkawi Car Rental amatlah mudah sekali untuk membuat tempahan.

Tempah Kereta Sewa Di Langkawi Harga Berbaloi

Anda boleh booking terus daripada pihak kami untuk sebarang jenis kenderaan antaranya ialah-Toyta Alphard,Nissan Sentra,Toyota Vios,Nissan Serena,Honda City,Honda Accord,Nissan Urvan,Toyota Hiace,wira,viva,pesona,myvi, dan bermacam-macam lagi sebut jer jenis apa nak insyaallah kami akan usakan untuk anda.

Kalau anda booking dengan Pihak kami usahlah risaukan kenderaan tersebut kerana semua kenderaan adalah dalam keadaan baru. Tempah Kereta Sewa Di Langkawi Harga Berbaloi

Sila call/sms kami segera untuk tempahan:

017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Island Hopping Langkawi Tour Best Way To Do

Island Hopping Langkawi Tour 2013 Best way To Do

island hopping langkawi

Island Hopping Langkawi by Boat

This trip is by a fast boat which will take four hours to cover 3 islands.

One of the island that you will stopover is the Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden) with the Pregnant Maiden Lake (a freshwater lake).

Island Hopping Langkawi Tour 2013 Best way To Do

This beautiful island has a unique and interesting legend about the fairy princess who lost her child and decided to lay her child to rest in peace in the lake. And for that, she blesses all the childless and infertile women to be conceivable after bathing in the lake.

Island Hopping Langkawi Tour Best Way To Do-Then, the Pulau Singa Besar, the untouched island, being undeveloped to preserve its precious nature, with no basic amenities. The last island of the tour is Pulau Beras Basah – one of the most well-known islands, a perfect getaway with its white sandy beach and the lush green forest that surrounds the island for you to relax and clear all your tensions.Island Hopping Langkawi Tour Best Way To Do at Langkawi

Daily departures: 9.00 am and 2.00 pm

You will be picked-up you if your destination at Kuah Town.

Rates per person – RM40.00 per adult

Or Charter rate per boat: 1 – 10 persons RM 320.00 per boat

1. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island)
You will haver one hour to roam about or trackking down to the Lake of the Pregnant
Maiden (a freshwater lake). You can swim, paddle and canoe in the lake.
2. Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island)
Stopover to watch the eagle feeding.
3. Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island)
Here we have an other hour for swimming, sunbathing,

Please call/sms us now to make booking:

017-4256796 LIZA
email: langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Langkawi Mangrove Tour Activities

Langkawi Mangrove Tour Activities

You should go for this trip…really great and fun.

Investigate the astounding mangrove timberland by vessel, with a prologue to the limestone woods on the inclines of staggering limestone outcrops of north east Langkawi.

Voyage by watercraft with an English talking naturalist through the winds and turns of the Kilim stream through the maze made by ethereal roots and thick beefy leaves of the mangrove trees.

Natural life is inexhaustible, we watch the strange area strolling fish, vividly shaded kingfishers, falcons and regularly otters and dolphins.

We too investigate how the mangrove zone is an ideal environment for cabin businesses for example preparing charcoal and angle ranches. The kayak voyage keeps up in the vicinity of over two hours, emulated by a short drive and simple 500 meter trek to a separated wilderness stream for a cookout lunch and swimming in a cool wilderness stream.

As we step out of the mangroves youll see grand limestone rock establishments and ocean stacks that ascent incredibly from the sea.

This trek is quite suggested for all guests to Langkawi.

Trek incorporates return lodging exchange, vessel ride, naturalist guide & mineral water. Least 2 greatest 8 individuals

We prescribe a cap, tee shirt, shorts, swimwear, sun security, towel and shoes or game shoes.

MALAYSIA WILDLIFE is a modest high caliber eco-tour admin that offers National Geographic style nature encounters to little assembles.

Investigate the turns and turns of Kilim stream through the maze made by mangrove trees. Watch the peculiar area strolling fish, vividly colored kingfishers, falcons and regularly otters and dolphins. Out of the mangroves limestone establishments and ocean stacks climb incredibly from the sea—old coral thrust into the sky millions of years back & home to extraordinary and aged plants discovered no where else on earth.

Like the grand and dynamite perspective of one of a kind limestone rock arrangements rising up out of the ground of the mangrove bogs and the ocean. A short stop at the gap in the divider fish cultivate fell give your hand an attempt at nourishing the tame stingrays. After the pontoon docks at the disconnected sunny shore to give you a possibility of private swimming, you will see the falcons hold up noiselessly to swoop down on the food flung into the water by the boatman.

Cave, Mangrove River & Eagle Feeding

RM 270 per Boat (10 persons: Max)

  • Bats cave
  • Crocodile Cave
  • Mangrove River
  • Eagle Feeding

Duration : 2 Hours

Call/sms us : 017-4256796   LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Best Of Gamat Langkawi

Best Of Gamat Langkawi

What is  “Gamat”?

It’s a unsightly ocean animal called an ocean cucumber or the nearby Malay name gamat. Gamat is a types of ocean cucumber. In the early days, this ocean slug could be discovered everywhere on the reefs around Langkawi.Gamat di langkawi

Be that as it may since a neighborhood tenant saw its potential for medicinal utilize and commercialized it, the ocean cucumber is no longer discovered in such wealth in Langkawi. A large portion of the ocean cucumbers are currently foreign made from Thailand. Clearly, the occurrence that prompted the revelation of the medicinal quality of the gamat was when an angler ventures on one of the gamats on his route to his camp on the beach. The gamat discharged a sort of sticky drain which stuck his bristly legs so successfully that the main result was to have a clean shave after that.

Having fulfilled his slaughter, he went about his business however envision his surprise on coming back to his scene of wrongdoing and identifying that everything his chumps were entire and joyful once more. All their wounds had recuperated and those parts that were reduced once more, leaving no follow whatsoever. That gave him nourishment for thought.If the ocean cucumber could mend itself, then it may as well likewise have the capacity to mend individuals wounds.

There are two courses of preparing the ocean cucumber.

One is to get the unadulterated liquid and the other is blended with coconut oil and plant concentrates. In both forms, the ocean cucumber is dumped into an enormous barrel which is set over a moderate smoldering blaze for three days. In the first methodology, no parts are added.Thus, you have the immaculate type of liquid which is called “Ayer Gamat“.

In the second methodology, the coconut oil and mystery plant parts are occasionally included all through the three days. The prepared ocean cucumber or gamat is advertised in two flasks. The unadulterated sort or ayer gamat is to be depleted orally. It is utilized to cure all inner afflictions for example peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, draining heaps and stomach hurts. The blended kind or minyak gamat is for outside requisition. It is utilized to enliven the recuperating technique of toothaches, cuts or wounds.

Gamat in a container -Best of Langkawi Minyak or ayer gamat might be purchased at distinguishing offering shops which just push minyak or ayer gamat. The value is anyplace from RM 2.00 to RM 10.00, hinging on the amount.

A different types of the ocean cucumber is moreover the universal healer for yet a different disease. For those of you who are on your vacation here in Malaysia, you might need to attempt requesting Hai Som for your afterward dish to give you that added . My soonest memory of the Hai Som was not the most agreeable. The primary event was at a feeble restaurant at Pokok Asam in Langkawi town. After a pleasant days angling, my companions and I were greedy and primed to process anything. Bunches of seafood were the request of the day, incorporating the extremely popular Hai Som?. The dish was instantly discarded and being exceptionally tired, we turned in to our leased room upstairs for the night.

There, I saw my host burrowing adjacent. I supposed he was gathering worms. I was correct. Anyway the aforementioned were to a great degree substantial. He had covered them overnight. By morning, the worms were slithering everywhere on the Hai Som. The worms had consumed out the digestion tracts of the Hai Som!

Guests can in any case see the ocean cucumber in its common living space at certain puts in Langkawi. Two of the spots where it might be discovered in Langkawi is at Datai or Tanjung Rhu (or in cooled solace at Langkawi Underwater Worlds touch pool). You might touch them, however kindly don’t take them to the closest minyak gamat shop or restaurant. The following time you see this long unsightly animals, consider what they have done to assist our pharmaceutical reason. A considerable measure of exploration have been led and they are demonstrating that this customary cure is not only baseless claims however have true mending lands.

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