How much do we spend for air tickets; hotel; car rent and of course food? Can you believe RM  2200 per family to 10 persons which include air tickets from KL to Langkawi.

While averagely most Malaysians live with a monthly salary of RM 1500-RM2000 – you are not only have to eat, you need to share and pay car loan; and house loan; you left tiny bits for saving..So who say you can’t travel cheap?  your mission is to be able to travel within our budget; enjoy ourselves; get together; and look look see see…you will eat at stalls; Kopitiam; and occasionally a good restaurant if our budget permitted…let share how you can do it within the budget.

1. Air Ticket :
KL to Langkawi = RM 24
Langkawi to KL = RM 24
RM48 for two way perperson is RM48x10 person =RM 480
However; you need to be fast to get cheap air tickets.. sign up of BIG member to get priority booking for cheap huh..
2. Car Rent at Langkawi Nissan UrvanRM 340 (deposit rm 100 no refundable)
3. (Diesel) expenses in Langkawi = RM 50 for 3 days 2 nights
4. Eylizar Homestay Langkawi = Family room RM 300 for 2 nights – 10 persons capacity (2 King bed and 2 single Bed).big living room and big room with all facilities complete.
5. 3 Islands Hoping Langkawi = RM 35 per person = RM 300  for 10 persons.

6. Food for 3 days 2 nights at Langkawi- RM 500, it’s cheap because you can cook at the Homestay.

7. Souveniour to bring back- RM 300

It’s estimated about RM 222 per person only.

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