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Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

It is common, traveling to Langkawi Mahsuri Mausoleum certainly among the top destinations he visited. Have you ever traveled to Makam Mahsuri? Here retained mystery stories curse of Mahsuri who killed persecution. If you visit here, there are a variety of pre-history collection on display. In addition, they also provide a mini theater that tells the early story of Mahsuri until he was assassinated.

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Mahsuri Pandak daughter Maya is a girl born in Langkawi. She was born to the couple Pandak Maya and Mak Andam at the end of the 18th century AD in Kampung Ulu Melaka, Langkawi. Also known as the Princess Mahsuri and nicknamed Princess Mahsuri of Langkawi.

Life and history of the legendary Mahsuri was covered island is famed for its legends and stories of its people. The most popular story of his life was when he killed the last minute before the up to now used as material for theatrical performances nobility through to children’s stories.

Mahsuri Lives

Early life during the Langkawi Mahsuri is under the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah III (1778-1797) and Sultan Ziyaüddin Mukarram Shah II ibni al-late Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Azilin Muadzam Shah (1797-1803) during which Maya Pandak recently migrated to Langkawi .

Rumored that the couple Pandak Maya and Mak Andam (some states mother’s name was Max Endah Alang) come from Siam. Virtual Pandak can be said to as the people who are rich in Langkawi as well as having a wide field of land and engaged in business Kite Bird nest Rice.

rumah mahsuri di langkawi

The birth of the legend of Mahsuri was overshadowed when some people believe that after her mother (who has never had children) eat rice crust found in the field, eventually conceive and bear Mahsuri. Mahsuri rumored life is like other Malay girls who brought up the ethics and etiquette of the Malay community. However, the beauty of Mahsuri lead to envy and jealousy of the local community, especially among women. Cooking is not for busy people on the go flattering her beauty.

Mahsuri was married with a young man and a local hero of Wan Derus, one the son of the Sultan’s representative in Langkawi, Rev. John (or the title Datuk Pekerma Jaya) and Wan Mahura.

The Overwrite defamation Mahsuri

During the reign of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Halim Shah II ibni al-Mukarram Shah Ziyaüddin late Sultan (1803-1843), Kedah-Siam relations soured. Mahsuri was pregnant at the time when Wan Derus out from Langkawi (purpose unknown but sources say he fought with Thai troops in Kuala Kedah). Departure of Wan Derus, Mahsuri said to live with her parents. At that time, Deramang, adventurous poet (some sources say his dealer) stop in Langkawi. Ability to fascinate people of Langkawi. With compassionate parents Mahsuri, Deramang stay at home to teach poetry and DENDANG.

Ability to raise poetry Deramang Mahsuri as host name and raise jealousy Wan Mahura, mother-in-law as well as the speaker’s wife Langkawi island. Childbirth Mahsuri, Wan Hakim, trigger defamation when Wan Mahura accused Mahsuri adultery (sexual privacy) with Deramang.

For that reason, Mahsuri and Deramang arrested and sentenced to death by the father-in-law own wife due to be instigated. Without waiting for Wan Derus home, Mahsuri and dragged Deramang Memorandum (Langkawi center at that time), to be put to death. Mahsuri wrapped around a tree and stabbed with a spear. According to legend, the spear can not penetrate the body’s use of Mahsuri. Grave consequences, Mahsuri revealed that he only stabbed with a spear magic (there are those who say that the weapon is dagger) found in his beams.

The last words she laid very popular when it was often repeated in any of the performances. Mahsuri last verses were of a curse for not justify his blood fell to the ground as he was victim of slander and condemn the peaceful island of Langkawi to not like the pitch distance wilderness for seven generations.

makam mahsuri di langkawi

Although coaxed and courted by parents Mahsuri, Mahsuri sentence ongoing and killed without mercy. According to legend, she laid a white blood drain to prove he was a holy woman from sin and the words do not justify his blood fell to the ground. Deramang also killed later even fight. Mahsuri was buried by his parents hostage adjacent property that you would like to redeem it. Mahsuri said died in 1819 AH 1235 AD equivalent.

Curse of Mahsuri

A week after she laid off, Wan Derus home after failing to beat the Siamese Kedah. After knowing the fact about his wife, he then took his frustration, Wan Judge out of Siam. Thereafter, the Siamese army invaded the island. Langkawi crushed and scorched.

Pekerma Jaya grandfather fled along with those loud, Chief Black. Unfortunately, Mayor Pekerma Jaya arrested by Thai soldiers in Langkanah River and tortured and brutally murdered. Similarly, Wan Mahura the Siamese army raped and tortured. Their son, Wan Muhamad Ali rushed back from Penang for revenge. Its success prompted the Sultan appointed him as his father’s successor. However, the island of Langkawi never prospered as piracy and rampant crime.

Curse cover

Before the 1980s, was definitely not prosper to the extent that people say that more buffalo than humans there. When Tunku Abdul Rahman remains a district officer, Tunku always visit Langkawi but nobody knows where she laid buried. Then, looking up Tunku discovered a hidden grave ago built a shrine, known as Makam Mahsuri.

By the 1980s, Langkawi become more prosperous (one due to the advent of workers to build the tomb of Mahsuri). Some suggest that prosperity was due to the birth of the seventh descendant of Mahsuri (some say eight) end the curse of Mahsuri of Langkawi island. The seventh generation of Mahsuri Sirintra Yayee or Nong May or Malay name, Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi daughter lived on the island of Phuket, Thailand when it was first tracked.

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Coincidently, at the time, became the center of Langkawi tourism and duty-free sales last draw more visitors to the island. Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir also help promote Langkawi by adding infrastructure and make it the center of the show as FIVE.

Although the mysterious curse of Mahsuri is over (probably), but the truth of all the events are determined in destiny posts. It’s up to their discretion to interpret. To be sure, the story remains a legendary Mahsuri memorable. The story may continue to recur in our lives increasingly modern. Due to the nature of envy and slander, innocent people become victims.

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How much do we spend for air tickets; hotel; car rent and of course food? Can you believe RM  2200 per family to 10 persons which include air tickets from KL to Langkawi.

While averagely most Malaysians live with a monthly salary of RM 1500-RM2000 – you are not only have to eat, you need to share and pay car loan; and house loan; you left tiny bits for saving..So who say you can’t travel cheap?  your mission is to be able to travel within our budget; enjoy ourselves; get together; and look look see see…you will eat at stalls; Kopitiam; and occasionally a good restaurant if our budget permitted…let share how you can do it within the budget.

1. Air Ticket :
KL to Langkawi = RM 24
Langkawi to KL = RM 24
RM48 for two way perperson is RM48x10 person =RM 480
However; you need to be fast to get cheap air tickets.. sign up of BIG member to get priority booking for cheap airticket..cool huh..
2. Car Rent at Langkawi Nissan UrvanRM 340 (deposit rm 100 no refundable)
3. (Diesel) expenses in Langkawi = RM 50 for 3 days 2 nights
4. Eylizar Homestay Langkawi = Family room RM 300 for 2 nights – 10 persons capacity (2 King bed and 2 single Bed).big living room and big room with all facilities complete.
5. 3 Islands Hoping Langkawi = RM 35 per person = RM 300  for 10 persons.

6. Food for 3 days 2 nights at Langkawi- RM 500, it’s cheap because you can cook at the Homestay.

7. Souveniour to bring back- RM 300

It’s estimated about RM 222 per person only.

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Langkawi Tour Package 2013

Langkawi Tour Package 2013

Kami menawarkan pakej homestay murah di langkawi untuk 9 buah unit homestay dan 2 buah unit apartment di Pekan kuah. kami menawarkan kepada anda kesemuanya dan ianya adalah salahsatu daripada Pakej murah Eylizar Homestay Langkawi dengan Hanya 10 minit perjalanan dari Pekan Kuah dan cuma 5 minit ke Taman Burung Langkawi (Bird Paradise) . Homestay yang kami tawarkan amatlah murah, selesa dan berbaloi amat sesuai untuk keluarga yang besar. Nikmati dan rebutlah pakej hebat serta murah daripada Eylizar homestay langkawi yang semestinya anda semua rebuti.



Pakej Murah Island Hopping Langkawi

Pakej Murah Island Hopping Langkawi

AKTIVITI- EAGLE FEEDING, FISH FEEDING, SWIMMING. (BANANA BOAT AND SNORKELING SET -tidak termasuk didalam pakej-kena bayar pada operator disana)






Pakej Murah Mangrove Tour Langkawi

Pakej Murah Mangrove Tour Langkawi


RM 100 Perpaxs include packet lunch



RM 260 Per Boat (not include packet lunch)


Pakej Kereta Sewa Murah Langkawi

Pakej Kereta Sewa Murah Langkawi



Sedan: Myvi, saga SLX, Viva, Wira, Persona, Gen 2 dan banyak lagi.

MPV: Nissan Serena, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard ….

VAN: Kia Preggio, Nissan Urvan, Toyota Hiace.


Contact Us now: 017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Information About Langkawi Sky-Bridge

Information About Langkawi Sky-Bridge

Langkawi Sky-Bridge is done in 2004, this kind of stopped connect was made together with the particular Machinchang mountain. Accessible on the Prime Section, the particular connect can be stopped from the 82m excessive solitary pylon and also hangs with regarding 100m previously mentioned terrain. That ups and downs out within the scenery to present site visitors an original spatial experience, in order to deliver these individuals directly into usually difficult places, previously mentioned virgin mobile new world along with spectacular vistas. Especially, contrary to some sort of immediately connect, the location where the end is actually monotonously in sight, some sort of curved connect offers marvelously adjusting viewpoint that will reinvent themselves, as one proceeds along that.

Langkawi Sky-Bridge

Measuring with 125m in length, the particular construction rates high among the world’s top contour suspension connect and also making it absolutely was not an uncomplicated accomplishment for the reason that answers were required to issue the following essential components; structural balancing from the solitary point (top on the pylon), optimal weight loss and also fill submission, pre-fabrication involving connect and also on site installment. The complete connect, to all their components would have to be elevated to the the top of mountain by simply helicopter and also has been later set up to be able to their recent situation.


The latest project by simply Panorama Langkawi in effort along with Pos Malaysia to offer visitors to your picturesque mountaintop vacation spot the ability to share with you their own ‘I has been here’ second along with their loved ones at home by simply putting up some sort of postcard, correspondence or even card by way of a specially placed Pos Malaysia submit pack at the summit Section, upon Mt Machinchang.

That SkyPos submit pack found 708 metre distances previously mentioned beach amount would be the to begin their kind in Malaysia. Your postcards directed residence coming from below by simply site visitors and also visitors will certainly besides encourage Panorama Langkawi’s destinations like the SkyCab and also SkyBridge it will likewise encourage Langkawi and also Malaysia in general to be able to community and also dangerous recipients of this submit.

Your postcards & cards can feature mountain major vistas involving Langkawi and in addition macro pictures involving community flora and fauna, opportunity by simply specially commissioned photography fans. Most of us also plan to feature earning pics coming from specially organised photography challenges hosted at the mountain major.

Panorama Langkawi will offer a special producing train station to write charge cards together with immobile, site visitors may decide to generate the particular postcards although getting the particular journey inside the cable cars.

That project can also be to boost and also assistance the effective use of traditional submit by means of POS Malaysia in this particular time involving electronic mail. Your introducing wedding ceremony has been officiated by simply honored customer coming from POS Malaysia along with the COO Panorama Langkawi, Encik Ebi Azly Abdullah.

If you want to know more detail about Langkawi Sky-Bridge Ticket price please go here for



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Cerita Persiapan Raya 2013 Bagi Tahun Ini

Cerita Persiapan Raya 2013 Bagi Tahun Ini.

Persiapan raya 2013

Sebut saja pasal Hari RayaAidilfitri pasti yang akan mengeluh dan ada yang seronok kerana ingin menyambutnya bersama keluarga tercinta. Bagi kami Eylizar
Homestay sekadar sederhana sahaja. Tahun ini adalah tahun pertama Eylizar Homestay Langkawi akan menerima tetamu yang rata-ratanya menginap bersama homestay kami di Langkawi. Pada Hari Raya kedua sahaja pihak kami akan menerima rata-rata tetamu yang akan menginap jadi persiapan kami adalah dengan menyiapkan ketupat dan lemang untuk mereka.

Jadi disini kami akan bercerita sikit berkenaan persiapan yang kami lakukan untuk anak-anak. Seperti kebiasaan pada tahun-tahun sudah kami akan balik Ke Perlis
dimana nenek saya tinggal, beberapa hari sebelum menjelangnya hari Raya Aidilfitri. Kami balik kesana kerana ingin membeli belah bagi pakaian dan segala keperluan Raya

Persiapan raya 2013

bagi tahun ini 2013. Pada tahun ini kami pergi membeli belah di Pekan Jitra dan juga bandar Kangar dimana kami rasa kemeriahannya dapat dirasai disamping harganya
yang jauh lebih murah dan banyak pilihan berbanding ditempat lain.Bagi saya sebagai perantau di Pulau Langkawi ini amatlah dirasai kerana terpaksa beraya jauh daripada
keluarga tersayang. Manakala isteri saya pula anak jati Langkawi jadi taklah terasa seperti saya. Bagi saya cuti untuk hari Raya ni memanglah susah memandang saya
bekerja disektor perhotelan dimana setiap kali cuti sekolah ..maka hotel akan dipenuhi oleh pengunjung, jadi banyak cuti dibekukan kalau ada pun setiap dua tahun sekali
itupun bergilir-gilir kalau nak bercuti….

Teringat semasa kecil dimana mercun ni tak lah macam sekarang..main sikit ada yang putus tangan. Sebenarnya saya dibesarkan di Pahang bersama keluarga saya
seawal umur 6 tahun dan semasa saya berumur 13 tahun saya pun berpindah kekampung nenek saya kerana ingin menjaganya memandangkan nenek pun tiada cucu lain disana.
Ibu bapa saya berada di Pahang iaitu di Felda Keratong 2 dan masih disana bersama adik-adik saya…cuma saya seorang saja yang berada di kampung. Jadi setiap kali
hari raya saya masih terkenangkan pengalaman saya di Pahang. Maklumlah zaman kanak-kanak saya disan …..sapa yang tak ingat kan??

Shopping Raya di kangar-van jual hot dog dan burger

Jadi sekarang dah berkeluarga dan mempunyai anak-anak pastinya pengalaman itu akan dikongsi dengan anak-anak. Dulu masa saya kecil-kecil amat seronok bila
ibu bapa ajak pergi beli baju raya sampai ada benda yang kita suka tak dibeli menangis..teresak-esak. Sekarang bila terkenangkan anak-anak sendiri ..rasanya
kesian pulak kalau tak dibeli apa yang mereka mahukan. Anak lelaki dan anak perempuan ni memang banyak bezanya daripada segi persiapan..pening jugak
kalau nak diikutkan kesemuanya..tapi sekadar yang mampu sahaja.

Tapi yang paling bestnya hari raya ni ….ialah suasana semasa balik kampung tu la yang paling seronok..contohnya kalau saya balik ke Pahang..saya akan melalui jalan Kuala Pilah pada sebelah malamnya dan pengalaman yang paling best Kampung di Negeri sembilan ni adalah suasana kampungnya dan pelita-pelitanya cantik sekali sampai terasa dan saya rasa mesti
orang negeri sembilan pun sama dengan apa yang saya rasa. Rasa pengalaman raya tu bila melalui perkampungan yang cantik daripada Pekan Senawang sampai kerumah
ibubapa saya amatlah teruja sekali.

Tetapi Langkawi juga tiada bezanya cuma suasana kampung ..tak sama seperti tempat kita dibesarkan …tak la terasa sangat tapi apa pun mana-mana tempat pun sama saja..ye tak? Jadi anda bolehlah share pengalaman anda semasa beraya…….dimasa kecil…

Jadi tinggallah komen atau coretan anda tentang Cerita Raya 2013 ni..dan kalau nak tanya apa-apa pun dialukan…

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Pantai Cenang Langkawi Restaurants

Pantai Cenang Langkawi Restaurants

Pantai Chenang has been equated on the seashore thoroughfares associated with Phuket, Thailand. Revealing exactly the same marine environments of the the southern area of Andaman Ocean, geological capabilities and also identity, Pantai Chenang is known as by simply many guests being a additional family-friendly getaway that does not promote glitzy night time lifestyle as well as bacchanalian depart rapidly work no cost ales as well as

Pantai Cenang Langkawi Restaurants

alcohol. There is absolutely no sexual intercourse trade — only a healthy and balanced sultry tropical isle getaway. One of the most popular seashore locations amid tourists as well as local people likewise, Pantai Chenang is known not only due to the enchanting sunsets but in addition the very long as well as sandy seashore. Situated concerning 16 kilometres coming from Kuah city and only several kilometres through the airport terminal, it provides lots of h2o activities as well as opportunities to go “island hopping” on the some other Langkawi countries.

Simply just where do you turn from Pantai Chenang? It is possible to simply hangout within the seashore (there will still be silent spots to be alone). It is possible to gravitate on the seashore bistros for most cold beer through warm afternoons, hangout for the seashore watering holes inside early evenings, stop by yourself from one of many warungs as well as complete many people observing or perhaps wander to the site Laman Padi or perhaps Marine Globe. A new breakfast every day store from pantai Chenang.

Pantai Cenang Langkawi Restaurants

In Marine Globe, guests can get to come close up using freshwater as well as sea lifestyle devoid of receiving drenched. The biggest aquarium tank inside Asian countries which has a walk-through tube, in excess of 5000 sea as well as freshwater variety are generally upon demonstrate in this article. In addition exhibited include the African-american Penguins, Rockhopper Penguins as well as Harbour Close off inside the sub-arctic venture segment. Readers can certainly have the question associated with practically becoming dealing with these lovely as well as awe-inspiring critters, through the majestic on the modest, day-to-day coming from 10 each day until 6 at nighttime. An experience not to ever become missed, for RM28 Non-Malaysian Child / RM18 Malaysian child as well as RM28 Malaysian Older / RM38 Non-Malaysian person. Malaysian Our seniors / Federal government Personnel RM22, as well as the young children RM11 for each child.

Option, you possibly can go for a base rub, spoil by yourself which has a good whole day spa treatment method or perhaps investigate the spot over a booked street bike, vehicle or perhaps bi-cycle. Intended for guides as well as pursuit, you possibly can move beachcombing or perhaps obtain seashells. Beachfront stores from Pantai ChenangBoats are for sale for employ if you need to look at in order to investigate Pantai Tepor, that will appealing tropical isle which has a stretch out associated with bright sandy seashore, which you’ll want to view coming from Pantai Chenang. Upon selected days to weeks you possibly can visit the weekly pasar malam (night market) from Temoyong, about three kilometres away.

Pantai Cenang Langkawi Restaurants

Intended for foods, Pantai Chenang most likely provides the almost all to offer to match your budget as well as taste. Get ones select from Chinese, Thai, Thai-Malay, western, Native american, or perhaps combination eating places. Should you want to go community over a shoestring, try out the particular nasi lemak bungkus (a preferred community breakfast) not function contrary the particular Marine Globe. Move beginning while they market out rapidly. Intended for tea, watch for the gal who offers a variety of Malay kuih (cakes) inside mid-day some time contrary Debbie’s Irish Bistro. Whatever you decide and complete, look around just before selecting, while atmosphere, costs as well as choices differ from store in order to store.

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Langkawi Island Of Malaysia

Langkawi Island Of Malaysia

Langkawi island is definitely an archipelago involving 104 islands lying from the north developed coast involving Peninsular Malaysia. The complete location of those tropical islands is at the site the location where the Straits involving Malacca meets the waters on the Andaman Seas.

Langkawi Island-Eagle Square

The largest of those islands is known as Langkawi Island and it is bigger versus Penang Island. The some other islands with this group are usually Island involving Pregnant First (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Lion Island (Pulau Singa Besar) as well as Beras Basah Island. The smallest of those islands are usually atolls roughly the dimensions of an ordinary house!

This island is unique in the actual sense so it has so many legendsand myths associated with it. Langkawi Island is therefore otherwise known as Pulau Lagenda or even Legendary Island.

The most discussed legend is actually that involving Mahsuri who’s said to possess laid the curse with this island pertaining to seven generations. Luckily the time scale of this curse is finished now as well as Langkawi Island is rapidly becoming a internationally accepted tourist vacation spot.

The federal of Malaysia has declared the entire Langkawi Island as a duty totally free zone. Hence this island is also termed Obligation Free Island. All goods sold with this island are usually exempted through government levy. Therefore this Legendary Island can be a haven with the shoppers. You only have to stay throughout Langkawi for no less than 48 hours for taking back home a practical amount involving tax totally free goods.

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Langkawi Malaysia Most Popular Holiday Destination

Langkawi Malaysia Most Popular Holiday Destination in the World

Langkawi is placed in the state of Kedah, and it is this green and tropical island that endless travellers to Malaysia rush to year after year. In the event that Kuala Lumpur is celebrated internationally for its superb city environment, shop-till-you-drop shopping centers and an endless, vibrant nightlife…it’s all altogether different in Langkawi which is known increasingly for its staggering sunny shores, tropical downpour backwoods and five star, laid back unwinding.

westin langkawi pekan kuah

Guests to Langkawi regularly come to be spoiled, to laze around the numerous planet class beaches the island offers and to appreciate the rich Malay sustenance and friendliness that are synonymous with essentially all the Langkawi inn resorts. In the event that you come here for an occasion, chances are you wont need to clear out.

In light of the fact that Langkawi is an island that is particular from Kuala Lumpur, generally occasion producers to Langkawi have a tendency to fly in, chiefly from Kuala Lumpur. Aside from astounding vacation spots and bush (some of which consolidations together spectacularly), Langkawi is likewise known for being an obligation free island. This implies that in the event that you’re staying here, you’ll have the capacity to get a very eminent deal or two for next to nothing -indeed, assuming that you’re doing both Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, you’re overall educated to do the mass regarding your shopping in Langkawi as the same trinket & create items are accessible for upto 50% less.

There are several towns that generally travelers visit throughout their stay in Langkawi -Kuah (the island capital) and Pantai Cenang (a clamoring town with minor advertises and stalled sprawling the extent that the eye can see). Generally offices, for example cash changers and banks have a tendency to be spotted in Kuah, however aside from the Golden Eagle there is not excessively to premium the guest to Malaysia here. Other than that, the surprising excellence and nature is the thing that draws the throngs of vacationers to Langkawi year after year.

langkawi hotels

-Stay at one of the brilliant five star Malaysia lodging resorts, for example the Andaman or the Datai and be treated like a famous person.

-Catch some stunning view from the summit of the Langkawi Cable Car experience.

-Pamper yourself at one of the numerous five star spa encounters at one of the numerous shocking spa’s arranged inside the island.

-Study Malaysian life direct as you walk around the towns of Kuah and Pantai Cenang, viewing the locals deal in the night markets and grabbing a deal or two for yourself.

-Stop off for a mixed drink and an unwinding dish at Telaga Harbour Park.

-Enjoy an island bouncing outing and experience the assortment and society of Malay life.

-Take a Mangrove Tour and inundate yourself inside antiquated bushes and streams -stroll into the Cave Of Bats and Crocodile Cave.

-Watch the Crocodile Show and see these glorious animals encouraging.

-Check out a portion of the glorious ocean animals to be discovered in South East Asia by going to the Aquarium at Pantai Cenang.

-Laze at one of the numerous dazing shores to be discovered anyplace on the planet.

If you’re an advanced traveller or you only need to rucksack your direction into heaven, you’ll positively find what you’re searching for in Langkawi. It is a definitive South East Asia experience.

Read  More——->Hotel in Langkawi<——

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Head Out To Langkawi Island

Head out To Langkawi Island

What might be the first city that appears in your psyche once you catch the nation of Malaysia? Numerous might contemplate Kuala Lumpur, the principle city of Malaysia. Numerous travelers might come to Malaysia and investigate just the fundamental city and some close-by urban communities besides, which is regular to numerous visitors and is very adequate. Notwithstanding, those who truly love to investigate go past the fundamental place where there is Malaysia and visit adjacent islands which have a place with different states under Malaysia. One state of Malaysia, that is occasional gone to is Kedah. This spot is a state of Malaysia found in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia.this state holds one of the best urban areas you should see in Malaysia.

Head Out To Langkawi Island

Welcome, Langkawi!

Langkawi is a group of 99 islands which is differentiated from Mainland Malaysia. It holds a portion of the best beaches in Malaysia and is recognized to have of the best perspectives in the nation. Langkawi’s economy is focused on tourism and this is one of the explanations why this spot is well kept and supported by its neighborhood government. Langkawi is 30km far from the northern territory part of the nation. Getting to Langkawi is not an issue since the spot could be arrived at via air and ocean. They have a worldwide runway that serves as door to different urban communities in Asia like Singapore, Phuket, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This methods you can dependably get to those spots and only travel to Langkawi. Aside from that a ship or a vessel might do land exchanges from different urban areas in Thailand and territory Malaysia also. Assuming that you move toward getting here, transportation is not an issue.

One of the things you have to ponder this spot is that, it was honored a World Geopark status by Unesco, because of its different protection ranges. Langkawi is near nature and individuals who love to trek and investigate might have some good times in this spot. One of the spot you might as well see is The Kilim River. This range showcases three waterway strips that are interconnected. The following one you may as well see is Pregnant Maiden Lake which is a straightforward lake yet is stunningly lovely and is one of the major attractions in the Island. The exact opposite thing to visit is the Langkawi Islands where it holds the 99 islands of the spot. On top of the aforementioned islands are top vacation spots that offer the best resorts in town.

One place you shouldn’t miss is The Andaman Datai Bay which holds a dazzling shore with beautiful bay and an extremely alluring shoreline. Resorts are close to the sunny shore and offers you an extravagant stay with an extremely aggressive settlement. The nourishment is overall served and individuals love to return here now and again. There you go, this is Langkawi and this is all you may as well know until further notice. Investigate the spot now and you wouldn’t lament using a dime.

Head Out To Langkawi Island

Provided that you move toward getting to Langkawi and you might want to have your settlement primed, you can run with The Andaman Hotels. The Andaman Hotels offers planet class settlement and a high caliber client administrations.


Email us : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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