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Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

It is common, traveling to Langkawi Mahsuri Mausoleum certainly among the top destinations he visited. Have you ever traveled to Makam Mahsuri? Here retained mystery stories curse of Mahsuri who killed persecution. If you visit here, there are a variety of pre-history collection on display. In addition, they also provide a mini theater that tells the early story of Mahsuri until he was assassinated.

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Mahsuri Pandak daughter Maya is a girl born in Langkawi. She was born to the couple Pandak Maya and Mak Andam at the end of the 18th century AD in Kampung Ulu Melaka, Langkawi. Also known as the Princess Mahsuri and nicknamed Princess Mahsuri of Langkawi.

Life and history of the legendary Mahsuri was covered island is famed for its legends and stories of its people. The most popular story of his life was when he killed the last minute before the up to now used as material for theatrical performances nobility through to children’s stories.

Mahsuri Lives

Early life during the Langkawi Mahsuri is under the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah III (1778-1797) and Sultan Ziyaüddin Mukarram Shah II ibni al-late Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Azilin Muadzam Shah (1797-1803) during which Maya Pandak recently migrated to Langkawi .

Rumored that the couple Pandak Maya and Mak Andam (some states mother’s name was Max Endah Alang) come from Siam. Virtual Pandak can be said to as the people who are rich in Langkawi as well as having a wide field of land and engaged in business Kite Bird nest Rice.

rumah mahsuri di langkawi

The birth of the legend of Mahsuri was overshadowed when some people believe that after her mother (who has never had children) eat rice crust found in the field, eventually conceive and bear Mahsuri. Mahsuri rumored life is like other Malay girls who brought up the ethics and etiquette of the Malay community. However, the beauty of Mahsuri lead to envy and jealousy of the local community, especially among women. Cooking is not for busy people on the go flattering her beauty.

Mahsuri was married with a young man and a local hero of Wan Derus, one the son of the Sultan’s representative in Langkawi, Rev. John (or the title Datuk Pekerma Jaya) and Wan Mahura.

The Overwrite defamation Mahsuri

During the reign of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Halim Shah II ibni al-Mukarram Shah Ziyaüddin late Sultan (1803-1843), Kedah-Siam relations soured. Mahsuri was pregnant at the time when Wan Derus out from Langkawi (purpose unknown but sources say he fought with Thai troops in Kuala Kedah). Departure of Wan Derus, Mahsuri said to live with her parents. At that time, Deramang, adventurous poet (some sources say his dealer) stop in Langkawi. Ability to fascinate people of Langkawi. With compassionate parents Mahsuri, Deramang stay at home to teach poetry and DENDANG.

Ability to raise poetry Deramang Mahsuri as host name and raise jealousy Wan Mahura, mother-in-law as well as the speaker’s wife Langkawi island. Childbirth Mahsuri, Wan Hakim, trigger defamation when Wan Mahura accused Mahsuri adultery (sexual privacy) with Deramang.

For that reason, Mahsuri and Deramang arrested and sentenced to death by the father-in-law own wife due to be instigated. Without waiting for Wan Derus home, Mahsuri and dragged Deramang Memorandum (Langkawi center at that time), to be put to death. Mahsuri wrapped around a tree and stabbed with a spear. According to legend, the spear can not penetrate the body’s use of Mahsuri. Grave consequences, Mahsuri revealed that he only stabbed with a spear magic (there are those who say that the weapon is dagger) found in his beams.

The last words she laid very popular when it was often repeated in any of the performances. Mahsuri last verses were of a curse for not justify his blood fell to the ground as he was victim of slander and condemn the peaceful island of Langkawi to not like the pitch distance wilderness for seven generations.

makam mahsuri di langkawi

Although coaxed and courted by parents Mahsuri, Mahsuri sentence ongoing and killed without mercy. According to legend, she laid a white blood drain to prove he was a holy woman from sin and the words do not justify his blood fell to the ground. Deramang also killed later even fight. Mahsuri was buried by his parents hostage adjacent property that you would like to redeem it. Mahsuri said died in 1819 AH 1235 AD equivalent.

Curse of Mahsuri

A week after she laid off, Wan Derus home after failing to beat the Siamese Kedah. After knowing the fact about his wife, he then took his frustration, Wan Judge out of Siam. Thereafter, the Siamese army invaded the island. Langkawi crushed and scorched.

Pekerma Jaya grandfather fled along with those loud, Chief Black. Unfortunately, Mayor Pekerma Jaya arrested by Thai soldiers in Langkanah River and tortured and brutally murdered. Similarly, Wan Mahura the Siamese army raped and tortured. Their son, Wan Muhamad Ali rushed back from Penang for revenge. Its success prompted the Sultan appointed him as his father’s successor. However, the island of Langkawi never prospered as piracy and rampant crime.

Curse cover

Before the 1980s, was definitely not prosper to the extent that people say that more buffalo than humans there. When Tunku Abdul Rahman remains a district officer, Tunku always visit Langkawi but nobody knows where she laid buried. Then, looking up Tunku discovered a hidden grave ago built a shrine, known as Makam Mahsuri.

By the 1980s, Langkawi become more prosperous (one due to the advent of workers to build the tomb of Mahsuri). Some suggest that prosperity was due to the birth of the seventh descendant of Mahsuri (some say eight) end the curse of Mahsuri of Langkawi island. The seventh generation of Mahsuri Sirintra Yayee or Nong May or Malay name, Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi daughter lived on the island of Phuket, Thailand when it was first tracked.

Mystery Curse of Mahsuri In Langkawi Island

Coincidently, at the time, became the center of Langkawi tourism and duty-free sales last draw more visitors to the island. Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir also help promote Langkawi by adding infrastructure and make it the center of the show as FIVE.

Although the mysterious curse of Mahsuri is over (probably), but the truth of all the events are determined in destiny posts. It’s up to their discretion to interpret. To be sure, the story remains a legendary Mahsuri memorable. The story may continue to recur in our lives increasingly modern. Due to the nature of envy and slander, innocent people become victims.

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