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Langkawi Island Of Malaysia

Langkawi Island Of Malaysia

Langkawi island is definitely an archipelago involving 104 islands lying from the north developed coast involving Peninsular Malaysia. The complete location of those tropical islands is at the site the location where the Straits involving Malacca meets the waters on the Andaman Seas.

Langkawi Island-Eagle Square

The largest of those islands is known as Langkawi Island and it is bigger versus Penang Island. The some other islands with this group are usually Island involving Pregnant First (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Lion Island (Pulau Singa Besar) as well as Beras Basah Island. The smallest of those islands are usually atolls roughly the dimensions of an ordinary house!

This island is unique in the actual sense so it has so many legendsand myths associated with it. Langkawi Island is therefore otherwise known as Pulau Lagenda or even Legendary Island.

The most discussed legend is actually that involving Mahsuri who’s said to possess laid the curse with this island pertaining to seven generations. Luckily the time scale of this curse is finished now as well as Langkawi Island is rapidly becoming a internationally accepted tourist vacation spot.

The federal of Malaysia has declared the entire Langkawi Island as a duty totally free zone. Hence this island is also termed Obligation Free Island. All goods sold with this island are usually exempted through government levy. Therefore this Legendary Island can be a haven with the shoppers. You only have to stay throughout Langkawi for no less than 48 hours for taking back home a practical amount involving tax totally free goods.

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Pulau Langkawi Malaysia

Pulau Langkawi Malaysia

Pulau Langkawi Malaysia is synonymous with ‘tropical paradise’ – and with good reason. Since 2008 the archipelago’s official title has been Langkawi Permata Kedah (Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah), no doubt inspired by the island’s clear waters, relatively pristine beaches and intact jungle. The district’s been duty free since 1986 and roping in tourists well before that. Yet despite their immense drawing power, these 99 islands, dominated by 478.5-sq-km Pulau Langkawi, have not been overdeveloped beyond recognition. Get just a little way off the main beaches and this is idyllic rural Malaysia, all kampungs (villages) and oil lamps. It’s the kind of tropical island where there’s no lack of spas, seafood restaurants and beach bars, but where the locals continue to go about their ways just as they have for generations.

Langkawi Cable Car

Spotted in the vicinity of northwestern Peninsular of Malaysia, Langkawi have a place with the Kedah State of Malaysia. The biggest island of Langkawi is the eponymous Pulau Langkawi. Gloating of the beautiful perspectives of heaps of Peninsular Malaysia, this island is dabbed with stunning sandy beaches, rich woodland and flawless lakes around others.

Since the city is a fabulous traveler spot, all Langkawi Hotels offer grand cabin experience. Falling in all value sections, Hotels in Langkawi Island could be discovered in all runs. From rich lodgings to Langkawi Cheap Hotels settlement is not difficult to find here.

The Kuah Town night market is around the most incident places to hit in the Langkawi islands. Held once in a week, this nearby business sector is full of life and energy all through the year. With sleek restaurants offering luscious admission and every shop fantastically embellished with decorations and advertising something extraordinary, you will be totally hypnotized by the appeal of this bazaar. Langkawi Island is more and more regarded as Langkawi

The Andman Langkawi beach

Geopark because of its gained distinguishment of being called Unesco as a World Geopark. The best known islands of Langkawi incorporate Pulau Payar Marine Park, Pulau Bumbon, Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Rebak and Pulau Tuba. These beaches offer umpteen chances of fun and skipping exercises to revel in. From kayaking to surfing, from sun showering to angling you can revel in everything on these flawless sunny shores.

Air Hangat Village is an exquisite occasion recognize that is positioned around 14 km from the northwestern area of Kuah. Its best fascination incorporates a 18-meter long hand-cut waterway stone fresco acting for the legends that cover this area. The vacationers and guests to this spot may have an extraordinary time viewing the nearby artisans making crafted works, you might even buy numerous knickknacks from here plus social programmes are additionally held in here.

Underwater World Langkawi is additionally an extraordinary place to hit throughout you trek to Langkawi. Arranged at Pantai Cenang, here you will detect numerous salt and crisp water fishes incorporating the various mixtures of sharks and different types of marine life. The Underwater World Langkawi gloats of showing around the range of 5000 sorts of underwater marine life. This is one of the best vacation spots in Langkawi. Other than going by vacation destinations you might even enjoy in the energizing endeavor sports and exercises that the city offers. For example, Cave Exploring. Right away Langkawi is full of holes and crevices. In these caverns you will discover numerous striking fowls, nearby and wild products of the soil, cut stalactites and stalagmites.

Langkawi four season Hotels

It is best prompted that you investigate these collapses aggregations and be cautious while getting on the stones. Around the best known holes are Cave of Porcupine and Cave of Bats. Adjoining, you might even revel in Junggle Trekking in the virgin rainforests of the district.

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Head Out To Langkawi Island

Head out To Langkawi Island

What might be the first city that appears in your psyche once you catch the nation of Malaysia? Numerous might contemplate Kuala Lumpur, the principle city of Malaysia. Numerous travelers might come to Malaysia and investigate just the fundamental city and some close-by urban communities besides, which is regular to numerous visitors and is very adequate. Notwithstanding, those who truly love to investigate go past the fundamental place where there is Malaysia and visit adjacent islands which have a place with different states under Malaysia. One state of Malaysia, that is occasional gone to is Kedah. This spot is a state of Malaysia found in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia.this state holds one of the best urban areas you should see in Malaysia.

Head Out To Langkawi Island

Welcome, Langkawi!

Langkawi is a group of 99 islands which is differentiated from Mainland Malaysia. It holds a portion of the best beaches in Malaysia and is recognized to have of the best perspectives in the nation. Langkawi’s economy is focused on tourism and this is one of the explanations why this spot is well kept and supported by its neighborhood government. Langkawi is 30km far from the northern territory part of the nation. Getting to Langkawi is not an issue since the spot could be arrived at via air and ocean. They have a worldwide runway that serves as door to different urban communities in Asia like Singapore, Phuket, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This methods you can dependably get to those spots and only travel to Langkawi. Aside from that a ship or a vessel might do land exchanges from different urban areas in Thailand and territory Malaysia also. Assuming that you move toward getting here, transportation is not an issue.

One of the things you have to ponder this spot is that, it was honored a World Geopark status by Unesco, because of its different protection ranges. Langkawi is near nature and individuals who love to trek and investigate might have some good times in this spot. One of the spot you might as well see is The Kilim River. This range showcases three waterway strips that are interconnected. The following one you may as well see is Pregnant Maiden Lake which is a straightforward lake yet is stunningly lovely and is one of the major attractions in the Island. The exact opposite thing to visit is the Langkawi Islands where it holds the 99 islands of the spot. On top of the aforementioned islands are top vacation spots that offer the best resorts in town.

One place you shouldn’t miss is The Andaman Datai Bay which holds a dazzling shore with beautiful bay and an extremely alluring shoreline. Resorts are close to the sunny shore and offers you an extravagant stay with an extremely aggressive settlement. The nourishment is overall served and individuals love to return here now and again. There you go, this is Langkawi and this is all you may as well know until further notice. Investigate the spot now and you wouldn’t lament using a dime.

Head Out To Langkawi Island

Provided that you move toward getting to Langkawi and you might want to have your settlement primed, you can run with The Andaman Hotels. The Andaman Hotels offers planet class settlement and a high caliber client administrations.


Email us : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Tempat Best Dan Menarik Di Pulau Langkawi

Tempat Best Dan Menarik Di Pulau Langkawi

Disini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua sedikit sebanyak mengenai Tempat Best dan Menarik Di Pulau Langkawi ini. Diantara tempat-tempatnya adalah :

  1. Air Terjun Temurun (Temurun Waterfall)
  2. Air Terjun Durian Perangin (Durian Perangin Waterfall)
  3. Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh ( 7 well waterfall)
  4. Pantai Tanjung Rhu (Tanjung Rhu Beach)
  5. Pantai Pasir Hitam ( Black Sand Beach)
  6. Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave) -hanya boleh pergi jika anda ambik pakej mangrove tour.
  7. Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) -hanya boleh pergi jika anda ambik pakej mangrove tour.
  8. Mardi Agrotechnology Park -(banyak buah-buahan untuk dimakan )
  9. Telaga Air Hangat (Air Hangat Village ) Hot spirings
  10. Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of Pregnant Maiden )- anda boleh kesana hanya jika anda ambik trip Island Hopping.
  11. Telaga Harbour Park- tempat pelabuhan kapal layar.
  12. Gunung Raya (Mountain Raya)
  13. Perdana Quay
  14. CHOGM Park
  15. Laman Padi
  16. UnderWater World
  17. Pulau Payar (Marine Park)
  18. Makam Mahsuri
  19. Atma Alam Batik Art Village
  20. Langkawi Complex Craft
  21. Crocodile farm
  22. Oriental Village
  23. Eagle Square
  24. Legend Park
  25. Gallery Perdana
  26. Penguin Watch (under water world)
  27. Langkawi Cable car
  28. Morac Go-Cart
  29. Kilim River
  30. Island Horses
  31. Burnt Rice (beras terbakar)
  32. Wild life Park (Taman Burung)

Langkawi juga mempunyai banyak Health and Beauty Spa…jadi bila anda letih boleh pergi kesalah satu pusat rawatan Langkawi SPA yang saya sebutkan :

  • Furusato Spa

Lokasi di Pantai Tengah (at Sunmall)# tel: 04-9556968 and Pantai Cenang (berhadapan Aseania Hotel) # tel: 04-9556482 -(open starting 2pm-10pm) .

Website : http://langkawispa.blogspot.com/

  • Bedrock Island

Lokasi di Pekan Kuah Langkawi. (pick up percuma disekitar Pekan Kuah sahaja)

Phone : +6012 24186268

  • Langkawi International Spa Academy (LISA)

Lokasi di Pekan Kuah & Pantai Tengah Langkawi (pick up service pun ada)

Phone: +604 9667699

website : www.lisa.com.my

  • Nitchi Ayurmedic Massage

Location : Opposite of Casa Del Mar Hotel, Pantai Cenang.

Phone: H/p +6012 4052564 /+6012 4058166 (office +604 9559078)

website : www.langkawi-ayurvedic-massage.com

  • Teratai  Reflexology

Lokasi : next to UnderWater World (Free Pick Up for Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah Area only) open from: 1pm-9pm.

Call: +604 9551822

  • Alun-Alun Spa

Lokasi : Kuah at Bayview Hotel level 3, TEL:+604 9669366/9661818 ext: 8303 (11am-11pm) all transportation can be arrange.

Pantai Tengah at Tropical Resort : +604 9555570, 9557275 (11am-11pm)

Pantai Cenang infront Casa Del Mar Hotel : +604 9533838 (11am-11pm)

website :www.alunalunspa.com

  • Jari Menari Reflexology

Lokasi : Pekan Kuah berhadapan Bank Islam (free pick up Pekan Kuah Area Only)

call : +604 9666148

website : www.jarimenari.mobi

  • Sun Spa

Lokasi : Berdekatan Frangipani Resort ( pick up service sekitar Pantai Tengah & Pantai Cenang) (1pm-9pm )

call : +604 9559287

Tempat Best Dan Menarik Di Pulau Langkawi

  • Agrotechnology Park 

call: +604 9532550/2551  fax: 04-9553991 (8.30am-5pm) except Friday

website : http://tatml.mandi.gov.my



  • Horse Riding In Langkawi -Jungle & beach rides, unique Mountain Trails

lokasi : berdekatan Telaga Tujuh dan Cable car – call: +6012 4229699 /+604 9594753 (office Hours)

website: http://www.langkawi-islandhorses.com

  • Atma Alam Batik Art Village

Lokasi : Padang Matsirat -open (9am-6pm)

call:+604 9552615 fax: +604 9551227

website : www.atmaalam.com

  • Langkawi Wildlife Park (Taman Burung)

Lokasi : Kg. Belanga Pecah, Jln Ayer Hangat Langkawi. Open (8.30am-6pm)

call : +604 9665855 fax: +604 9661855

website : wildlifeplanet@icloud.com

  • Artisans Pizza

Lokasi : Perdana Harbour. Open (9am-11.59pm) Free Delivery

Dine-In * Take Away * Breakfast

Pantai cenang : +6012 4771232 /Pekan Kuah : +6012 5231232 /Pantai Kok : +6017 4771232

  • Restaurant Annaseem – Pakistani & Indian Food

Lokasi: Langkawi Mall (opposite Hotel Bahagia) open : 1030am-1030pm (free pick up kuah town area)

call : +6019 4172080

  • Thai Mom-Thai & Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Lokasi : Kampung Tasik Anak Besar, Kedawang. Open : 12pm-12am

call : 604-9553000

  • Unkaizan – Japaness Restaurant

lokasi : Pantai Cenang. open : 6pm-11pm

reservation : +604 9554118

  • Vegetarian & Non vegetarian Restaurant

Lokasi : Pokok Asam Pekan Kuah.

Reservation : +6019 4263263 /+604-9660150

  • Restaurant Laman Ria- Malaysia & Japaness Food

Lokasi : Pantai Cenang. Open : 12pm-10pm

call : +604 9554418 /+6017 5259318

website : www.lamanria.net

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Tips Trip To Langkawi Island

Fly with air asia to Langkawi Island Malaysia

Ferry terminal in langkawi Malaysia

This is Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

You have to plan your trip to Langkawi Island either by Air or by the Sea and you should book your accommodation earlier.The accommodation that you can find n Langkawi Island is like 5 star hotel to no star hotels.The accommodation such as Resort,city hotels, motels,rest house,chalet,homestay,homestay apartment and small rooms.There is only 2 way to come here. If you come by Air you should booking in advance and you will arrive at Langkawi International Airport. Langkawi International Airport is located at Padang Matsirat. The another way to arrive here is from the Ferry Jetty. Ferry Jetty is located at Pekan Kuah which is the main area for the Langkawi Island, all the administration such as CIMB,Maybank,public bank,Affin Bank and etc.

Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

The best part you are here is go around the whole Island. Please get the Rental Car from many company here but make sure that you are rental car from the registered company. The way I say that is if the bad thing happen it very difficult in Claiming the Insurance. So be clear on that! Many rental car company at Langkawi either you can get from Airport or at the Jetty. So please decide which car do you preffer to rent. Many car as low than RM50 per24hrs and hingest to RM500 for 24hrs. All car in Langkawi especially from my company is nearly 3 years old.  So please do call me for any kind of car that you like to rent.

3-Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

After you get the rental car the best thing to do is go the best location in the island by your self. Here we have more than 25 best location to explore. Langkawi have sorrounded by the sea and of course the best area is beach. They is some best beach to go while you are here:

  • Pantai Cenang Beach
  • Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach
  • Pantai Teluk Datai
  • Pantai Pasir Hitam
  • Pantai Tanjung Rhu
  • Pantai Tengah Cenang Area
  • Pantai Teluk Yu

Langkawi Island have a small island near by and to go to some island nearby you should join for this trip:

Thing that you should do in Langkawi

  • Island Hopping Tour– Discover 3 islands ( Pragnent Maiden Island,Wet rice Island and Big Lion Island). This trip will take 4hrs by a speedboat and it included fish feeding session and eagle feeding)
  • RM35 perperson /sharing boat package-10person by one boat.
  • RM 300 perboat-private boat max: 10paxs.
  • If you are in big group we offer you a big boat which is can fit to max : 20 paxs the price is RM500 only.
  • Mangrove Tour at Kilim mangrove river- discover and see the geopark area, bat cave, crocodile cave, eagle feeding,fish farm. This trip will journey inside the mangrove river. RM 260 perboat take you 2hr trip.(no sharing boat for this package)
  • Mangrove River Cruise at the same place only the place do discover is different because this trip will cover you about 6hrs and it will include the packet lunch. Price is RM 100 perperson and there is no private boat for this trip.

4-Tips Trip To Langkawi Island.

So if you have any inquiry regarding the package -island hopping/mangrove tour/ rental car and accommodations Please call/sms us:

017-4256796  LIZA

email : langkawihomestay490@gmail.com

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Kawasan Mukim Padang Matsirat Pulau Langkawi

Kawasan Mukim Padang Matsirat Pulau Langkawi

Ianya merupakan sebuah mukim yang terletak di utara Pulau Langkawi. Jarak dari Pekan Kuah ke Padang Matsirat lebih kurang 23 KM. Daripada enam mukim yang terdapat di Pulau Langkawi Mukim Padang Matsirat adalah yang ketiga terbesar dengan keluasan tanah lebih kurang 77 km persegi yang terdiri daripada kawasan tanah pamah ,sawah padi, bukit bukau , gunung dang juga laut. Mukim Padang Matsirat terletak di bawah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN ) Air Hangat dan Parlimen Langkawi. Ianya bersempadan dengan mukim Bohor, Mukim Air Hangat dan Mukim Kedawang.Mukim Padang Matsirat Langkawi

Pecahan Penduduk Mukim Padang Matsirat langkawi

Antara mukim yang mempunyai penduduk yang ramai iaitu seramai 12,948 orang yang terdiri daripada berbagai etnik antaranya melayu, cina, India, lain-lain dan terdapat juga bukan warga negara malaysia yang menetap di mukim ini. Daripada pecahan etnik tersebut majoriti penduduknya ialah orang melayu yang beragama Islam iaitu seramai 9,948 orang (70%), Etnik Cina seramai 750 orang 15%, Etnik India seramai 315 Orang(8%) , lain-lain termasuk warga asing ialah 209 orang (7%). Pecahan penduduk mengikut jantina pula didapati tidaka terdapat perbezaan yang ketara antara lelaki dengan wanita iaitu lelaki seramai 5,908 orang manakala perempuan seramai 7,040 orang iaitu perbezaan seramai 1,132 orang sahaja. Kebanyakan penduduk di mukim Padang Matsirat ialah seperti nelayan, pesawah, berniaga ,penoreh, perhotelan dan lain-lain lagi.

Pentadbiran Mukim Padang Matsirat

Diketuai oleh seorang Penghulu yang di tempatkan oleh pentadbiran kerajaan negeri kedah yang di letakan di bawah pentadbiran daerah bagi menjalankan tugas-tugas sebagai penyelarasan atau orang tengah antara pentadbiran kampung dengan pihak atasan. Penghulu pula akan di bantu oleh Majlis Ketua Kampung(MKK). Bagi Mukim Padang Matsirat, Penghulu akan dibantu oleh 12 orang Majlis Ketua Kampung(MKK).


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Langkawi Homestay – Pilihan Percutian Anda

Langkawi Eagle square near jetty terminal

Langkawi Homestay – Pilihan Percutian Anda

Pulau Langkawi adalah sebuah pulau yang mempunyai 99 buah pulau yang dipisahkan dari tanah besar Malaysia oleh Selat Melaka, adalah sebuah daerah di negeri Kedah di Utara Malaysia dan terletak kira-kira 51 km barat Kedah. Jisim tanah jumlah pulau-pulau adalah 47.848 hektar, manakala pulau utama Langkawi itu sendiri mempunyai sejumlah 32,000 hektar. Pulau utama menjangkau kira-kira 25 km dari utara ke selatan dan sedikit lebih untuk timur dan barat. Kawasan pantai terdiri daripada, rata dataran aluvium yang diselangi dengan rabung batu kapur.Dua pertiga daripada pulau itu dikuasai oleh hutan dilindungi gunung, bukit dan tumbuh-tumbuhan semula jadi.
Pembentukan geologi tertua di pulau ini, Gunung Matchincang, adalah bahagian pertama dari Asia Tenggara untuk bangkit dari dasar laut di zaman Cambrian lebih daripada setengah bilion tahun lalu. Bahagian tertua pembentukan diperhatikan di Teluk Datai ke utara-barat pulau, mana singkapan terdedah terdiri daripada batu pasir terutamanya (kuarzit) di bahagian atas dan syal dan batu lumpur di bahagian-bahagian yang lebih rendah daripada urutan.

Langkawi Homestay – Pilihan Percutian Anda

Pulau Langkawi menjadi tarikan pelancong kerana keindahan pantainya dan pulau-pulau yang boleh dilawati pelancong jika menginap disini. Ianya juga salah satu pulau Bebas Cukai dan membuatkan pelancong datang dengan banyaknya terutamanya ketika cuti sekolah. Langkawi juga banyak terdapat Hotel-hotel bertaraf 5 bintang dan ketaraf shalet dan homestay. Bagi pelancong dalam Malaysia yang datang ke langkawi jika hendak berjimat maka saya cadangkan carilah homestay yang terdapat disekitar Langkawi, Salah satunya homestay yang saya tawarkan adalah salah satu pilihan percutian terbaik anda. Bagi yang teringin tinggal dihotel maka dapatkanlah budget hotel yang banyak disini.

Langkawi Homestay – Pilihan Percutian Anda

Apakah kelebihan Homestay daripada Hotel?

Kelebihan Homestay daripada hotel ialah-tentunya jimat/boleh masak sendiri/tinggal didalam satu rumah dengan family yang besar/suasana kampung@Taman/kereta sewa murah…

Jikalau anda hendak datang keLangkawi maka berfikirlah demi kepuasan anda dan keluarga anda…

Call saya untuk membuat tempahan Homestay anda atau reply disini:

puan Liza: 017-4256796 

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